A birth defect left Josh without femur bones and eventually lead to the amputation of both of his legs by age two. “I never knew what it was like to have my legs,” he said, “so it doesn’t and never has felt like I have a disability.” With fully-functional prosthetic care, amputees like Josh can feel hopeful when faced with the decision to amputate; and empowered instead of disabled.
As an adult, Josh is able to enjoy all of his favorite activities, including fishing, golfing, and noodling. He’s also able to take an active role at his children’s sporting events and spend quality time with his family.
Limbs for Life helped Josh receive prosthetic care through Scott Sabolich Prosthetics. His advice to anyone who is an amputee is, “do not ever let anyone tell you that you are different or cannot do something. I have never come across anything that I could not overcome.”



Robert always enjoyed riding his motorcycle. However, during a ride down the streets of Las Vegas, he was hit by a drunk driver and ultimately lost his leg in the accident.

Prior to the accident, Robert was a mechanic who enjoyed diagnosing and repairing motors. His traumatic experience changed his life and altered his passion for his profession. After several setbacks from the surgery, he was thrilled to get his prosthetic leg.
As often happens though, his prosthesis soon began to wear out. Robert worked on this leg and made small mechanical changes to help make the limb function. With time though, he was unable fix it, leaving him immobile again.

When Robert found out about the Limbs for Life Foundation he was thrilled beyond words. Limbs for Life gave him a chance to get his life back. Through a partnership with Hanger Prosthetics, Robert received a new leg and a new lease on life.



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