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Donor Privacy Policy:

All information about donors and contact information, including but not limited to their names, the names of their beneficiaries, the nature and amounts of their gifts, and the sizes of their estates will be kept strictly confidential by Limbs for Life Foundation and its representatives, unless the donor grants permission to release such information. All requests by donors for anonymity will be honored, except to the extent that Limbs for Life Foundation is legally required to disclose the identity of donors.

List Sharing:

Limbs for Life Foundation does not sell, rent, trade or share its donor list with any other organizations.

Discontinuing Contact:

Upon a person’s request that the Limbs for Life Foundation discontinue further contacts, the person’s name and address will be promptly modified in our database to ensure that no further contact is made with the person.

Gifts We Accept:

At Limbs for Life Foundation, our mission is dedicated to providing fully functional prosthetic care for individuals who cannot otherwise afford it and raising awareness of challenges facing amputees.

Including Limbs for Life Foundation in your will is a wonderful way to make a lasting impact on our organization and the amputees we help. Bequests are the simplest way of making a Planned Gift. There are numerous ways of making a gift to the foundation and giving you tax advantages for several years in a row. These donations (often called Planned Gifts) can offer many tax advantages:

* Reduce or avoid your capital gains tax
* Provide you or a loved one income for life
* Allow you to make a much larger gift than you thought possible
* Reduce your estate taxes
* Create an income tax deduction for you

When considering charitable gifts, a donor may wish to consider alternatives to simply writing a check or making a large cash gift. Major gifts can take many forms, each offering different tax and giving advantages. Often, by making gifts of appreciated assets like stock, a donor can make the same dollar commitment but forward more net dollars to Limbs for Life Foundation AND receive a larger tax deduction.

For many, planned giving is the best way to leave a lasting legacy to those organizations in which they believe, because during one’s lifetime, money is tied up in assets and is not available for charitable purposes. Good estate planning also offers income, capital gains and estate tax benefits. Making a Planned Gift as part of your estate planning is assuring your wishes are being carried out along with tax advantages today. Below are types of Planned Gifts we will accept:

Specific Planned Giving Vehicles:

A Bequest
Stocks, Bonds and Marketable Securities
Gift Annuities
Testamentary Trusts
Real Estate
Mineral Interests and Royalties
Life Insurance
Other Planned Gifts

Limbs for Life Foundation is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our Tax Identification Number (also known as Employee Identification Number or EIN) is 73-1422414. We look forward to working with donors and their professional advisors in meeting the donor’s charitable and financial goals. For more information please call our office at 405.605.5462.