Telligen Community Initiative Awards Grant to American Indian Health Fund

We just received news that the “American Indian Health Initiative” has been selected to receive a $50,000 grant from Telligen (TCI)! Collaborators include Southern Plains Tribal Health Board, American Diabetes Association, Limbs for Life Foundation, National Alliance of Mental Illness and Camp Blue Hawk, in concert with Community Health Charities.  Comments from the review panel included the following:

• Five (5) collaborating organizations around specific health disparities of the Native American population is a powerful front, particularly with twice the documented diabetes diagnoses as the population.
• Potential is vast to help this emerging coalition start strongly down an initial path that can go so many directions in the future if it builds a credible track record of success and collaboration.
• Worth the investment to hopefully serve as a catalyst for longer-term impact of this emerging collaboration.

Limbs for Life took the lead on the application along with the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board. This award will not only further programs and services to address specific health concerns for this population, but should also open the door to many more grant opportunities supporting aid to the Native American Community in Oklahoma and in other states.   We are honored and very excited about this award.

Our sincere thanks to the Board of Directors and staff of Telligen Community Initiative!